Technology companies are on a shopping spree in Israel, spending billions on ever larger deals and fueling the country’s startup success story.

Hundreds of thousands of people are held as slaves in America. Many are forced laborers working as housekeepers, dishwashers, or in door-to-door sales.

A deepening slowdown in France is hurting Europe’s fragile recovery and reviving fears that the region’s second biggest economy could slip back into recession.

The budget focus on Capitol Hill is whether lawmakers will do the bare minimum and agree on a spending level for this fiscal year before funding runs out on January 15.

Yet another dark cloud is looming over global banks as regulators examine their behavior in the $5.3 trillion currency market, threatening to deal a fresh blow to battered balance sheets and reputations.

Eric Newman of St. Louis spent about $7,500 building a collection of 1,800 coins that sold for $23 million in a recent auction. Here are some highlights from the collection.

Did Census Bureau employees fabricate data used in calculating the nation’s unemployment rate? Republican Congressmen are demanding an investigation.

Many costs associated with corporate legal cases are treated as deductible under the tax code, in much the same way that a company’s other expenses are. The one exception: Penalties paid to the government.