From Supply Chain to Value Networks (Artykul)

Supply Chain Management has become a must in most multinationals; this was not the case five years ago when this concept was seen as a major driver for a competitive edge by Leaders, a sophisticated and cumbersome logistic exercise by the silent majority, and another consultant fad by followers. At that time, some even said « Supply What ? ». They are out of the business now. However, the concept of Supply Chain is not really new. It first appeared in June 1982 in a Financial Times article. 3 years later, Michael Porter introduced his famous concept of « Value Chain ». Still today, Supply Chain Management continues to suffer from a range of definitions and perceptions and very few make the link between Supply Chain and Value Chain. This ‘gap’ undermines the strategic dimension of Supply Chain, and ultimately that it is a core competence and potential source of increased business value for companies across industry sectors.